381 Hwy 97B NE, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1X5, Canada



I am very excited for April 1st.  This is the day I get to speak to so many people who are looking at making a new memory for the camping season.  I want to acknowledge that it is a trying day, however I wanted to give you some insight and tips on how to make the most out of the first few days of booking.

I , Antonietta, am the only person answering the phones. We have one phone line and one book.  Yes, we still do it the old fashion way. It’s like they say “if it is not broken, don’t fix it”.  It works!  So that being said , I can only speak to so many people in one day.  That being said the whole campground does not get booked up in one day.  That being said , yes there is still room for you!!!

Here are a few tips that make it easier to understand to how it works.

*The phones will not be answered until 8:00am BC time…..even if you phone me at 5:30am AB time

*As soon as I am done with my call I will hang up and the phone will ring again, so it will not be in order of how early you called, so please keep trying.

*I will be on the phone , so I can’t be on my email at the same time.

* As soon as I can , I take down phone messages,  and return those when the phone allows me to dial out.

*I will return every single phone call and email, within the first 3 days.



Hope this information is helpful, and I look forward to speaking to everyone of you in the next couple of days.

Happy Spring.


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